We’re committed to people – a fair employer who engages in global citizenship.

We are dedicated to being a strong, profitable link in our customers’ supply chain, by:

Building long-term partnerships Developing solutions Leveraging global sourcing Improving through technology

We relentlessly deliver:

Unparalleled service Products that meet specifications Solution focused product development Integrity and value
Our future will be based upon the trust and relationships we build with our employees, customers, and suppliers.

Value Statements

We believe our future lies in the way we interact each day with our employees, customers, and suppliers. This is our values statement –the foundation on which our company is built.


We are a company that:
Requires responsibility, accountability, and commitment Is dedicated to excellence in all we say and do Conducts business in a fair, ethical and professional manner Embraces and respects diversity Applies technology to enhance our business


We will continue to build relationships with our Employees by:
Providing fair compensation, clear expectations, professional growth and regular performance evaluations Treating each other with respect and encouraging new ideas Communicating openly and effectively Cultivating an environment where we are passionate, motivated and take pride in our work Recognizing that workplace and life balance are critical


We will continue to build partnerships with our Customers by:
Earning your trust Guaranteeing satisfaction with our quality products and services Proactively providing value-added services and customer-driven solutions Exchanging timely, valuable market information Providing product application education and support


We will continue to build partnerships with our Suppliers by:
Creating an environment of mutual loyalty and respect Identifying and implementing continuous improvement in operations Demanding the same quality and service we commit to our customers Rewarding those who achieve our standards and embrace technology

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