Insights into Textile Leadership: Honoring Dr. Elizabeth Easter

Insights into Textile Leadership: Honoring Dr. Elizabeth Easter

By Ammar Khan, CEO at Calderon Textiles

This past month, I had the privilege of meeting with the esteemed Dr. Elizabeth Easter, Director of the University of Kentucky’s Textiles Testing Lab. From the moment we began our conversation, it was clear I was in the presence of a living legend. Dr. Easter possesses an unbelievable depth of knowledge that spans a vast array of textile expertise, including safety, regulations, consistency, trends, and testing methodologies. Notably, she approaches all these areas with an unwavering sense of objectivity.

Most people in the industry know Dr. Easter for her invaluable testing services. Her lab conducts performance testing to compare and evaluate different items and helps companies verify if their products meet agreed-upon specifications. Additionally, she provides crucial guidance on how to test each item, based upon what parameters, depending on what the application of the product.

While Dr. Easter leads the UK’s premier textiles testing lab, her role has propelled her to become a leading expert and advocate for our industry. Her areas of focus include:

  • Sustainability: Advocating for reusables over disposables, considering both functionality and environmental impact.
  • Consumer/Institutional Protection: Working with the FTC to ensure accurate fiber content and thread counts on textile products.
  • Legislative Advocacy: Championing the use of reusable textiles before Congress.

During our conversation, a wave of emotion crossed Dr. Easter’s face as she discussed the recent devastating natural disasters in Eastern Kentucky. It was heartwarming to hear how many industry suppliers and partners rallied to her cause when she called upon them for support.

Dr. Easter embodies wisdom, exceptional knowledge, and a relentless pursuit of truth. She champions the industry with grit, independence, and objectivity. We, as an industry, owe her a debt of gratitude for her tireless work, advocacy, and philanthropic efforts.

While there’s no indication of Dr. Easter’s imminent departure, leaving the lab after our fascinating discussion left me pondering the immense void her absence would create. Dr. Easter is a true industry treasure who, arguably, remains under appreciated and underutilized.

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