Institutional Laundries

Hospital Laundries

Calderon strives to assist your healthcare laundry meet its economic, safety, sanitation, and patient satisfaction goals. We continually develop innovative textile solutions, offering quality medical linen products to better support your role within the healthcare industry.

Endurance Gowns

Produced with Color-Lock dyeing technology so that the gowns will not fade over time.

Endurance Sheets

Long-chain polyester sheets are durable with great hand feel.

Plush Washcloth

Engineered specifically for the healthcare market for durability and softness, at an impressive price.

Your Experience Matters

We develop long-term partnerships involving collaborative efforts to determine the most cost-effective, high-quality linen solutions. Calderon supports textiles rental sales customers by evaluating current specifications, making specification recommendations, and analyzing logistics and distributions models. Calderon’s core strengths are to analyze current products in order to enhance capability or reduce cost and utilize optimized delivery modes.
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Product Re-Engineering

Trained staff helps troubleshoot throughput, quality, price issues with existing products.

Direct Link

Factory direct container program offers a completely hassle-free experience in ordering containers for huge savings.

Optimized Order Patterns

Analytical programs devise the economic order quantity for items regularly ordered to reduce freight costs.

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