Institutional Laundries

Industrial Laundries

Manufacturing, janitorial, and automotive environments benefit from Calderon’s specific product lines designed as either high-loss, economical supplies or durable ROI-engineered textiles. Calderon offers many innovative products that provide huge performance advantages to your specialty business.


Absorbent all-purpose microfiber cloths come in a convenient pop-up dispenser.

TactFiber Cloth

Cost effective and long lasting, this microfiber towel is designed for industrial applications where hot water is not available.


The strongest of bar mops, DuraMop is constructed to increase the number of turns and drive profitability.

Your Experience Matters

We develop long-term partnerships involving collaborative efforts to determine the most cost-effective, high-quality linen solutions. Calderon supports textiles rental sales customers by evaluating current specifications, making specification recommendations, and analyzing logistics and distributions models. Calderon’s core strengths are to analyze current products in order to enhance capability or reduce cost and utilize optimized delivery modes.
Let’s Work Together

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Marketing Materials

Custom product information sheets and brochures help sales teams succeed.

Sales Team Training

Our team provides on location, hands-on training to laundry’s sales team, increasing technical knowledge and improving success rates.

Product Re-Engineering

Trained staff are able to troubleshoot throughput, quality, price issues with existing products.

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