Cost Effective.

We create long-term partnerships with our customers and supplier base.

We invest in clients and suppliers by creating collaboration tools, empowering customers with education, and allocating resources to customer pain points in order to find solutions.


We collaborate with customers and use our technical textiles knowledge and experience to define which products are best suited for their customer base, equipment, and company goals. We stock over 400 individual items and are constantly designing new products to meet your company’s needs and strategic goals.

Calderon’s vast experience in international business, trade, and supply chain management makes us the ideal partner to help design your optimal and leanest supply and delivery system, based on delivery time requirements, resource constraints, and cost-effectiveness.

Long-Term Care Textiles

Long-Term Care Textiles

A partnership with Calderon Textiles involves a collaborative effort to determine the most cost-effective, high-quality linen solutions designed to meet your residents’ needs.

Hospitality Textiles

Hospitality Textiles

With broad experience serving domestic and international hotels and cruise lines, Calderon’s dedicated staff are adept at partnering with and servicing a wide array of clients.

Institutional Laundries

Institutional Laundries

At Calderon, we develop long-term partnerships involving collaborative efforts to determine the most cost-effective, high-quality linen solutions.

Hospital Laundries

Hospital Laundries

Calderon strives to provide textiles and assist healthcare laundries in meeting their economic, safety, sanitation, and patient satisfaction goals.
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Sourcing Strategies

Strategic Global Sourcing

Calderon sources from countries with a competitive advantage to produce each product while employing a backup manufacturing-country-of-origin to have redundancies in the supply chain and to diversify risk.

Strategies are utilized to obtain the most efficient product cost including investing in new technology, strategic commodity purchases during dips in the commodity pricing, and long-term production runs.

Quality Management Systems

A dedicated quality assurance team monitors and inspects every Calderon shipment both during the production process and prior to shipping in a final inspection.

Defects are categorized, analyzed, and discussed in order to take corrective actions and prevent future defects.


All Calderon partner factories are required to follow Calderon’s Compliance Manual which requires factories to operate in a manner that is consistent with industry and local laws and industry regulations with respect to Social, Safety, and Security issues.